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This & That Valentine's Day in Korea YouTube
This & That Valentine's Day in Korea YouTube from

Korea has tried to make a “day” every 14th but only valentines and white day have really stuck. But in south korea, japan and taiwan, only women give gifts. Some dread them while others look forward to showering their significant other with affection.

This & That Valentine's Day in Korea YouTube

The favour is returned on march 14th, known as white day, when south korean men gift their ladies with tokens of affection. In addition to valentine’s day, white day, and black day, korea also celebrates kiss day (and actually, many other holidays celebrate love). For those who are single, south korea also observes black day, when on april 14, singles grant themselves the indulgence of a bowl of black noodles, known as. Valentine's day, also called saint valentine's day or the feast of saint valentine, is celebrated annually on february 14.