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Valentine's Day Kehlani. Kehlani just released a new song titled “valentine’s day (shameful).”she dropped the song via her soundcloud account on sunday, the 16 th of february 2020, shameful sees the r&b star saying bye to the dreamy romantic holiday while she hints that the song is recorded for an unspecified other half with the use of a phrase “i’d say your name but you don’t deserve. For most girls, waking up to dozens and dozens of red roses decorating every room in their home would seem like a fairytale.

Kehlani "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" Single Stream HYPEBEAST
Kehlani "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" Single Stream HYPEBEAST from

Shaina and i stumbled in the house a. According to kehlani, “valentine’s day (shameful)” was created and recorded in a just a few hours. Kehlani's latest track, 'valentine’s day (shameful)' is a scintillating diss track/ expose of what the rapper yg had really been up to behind the singer's back.

Kehlani "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" Single Stream HYPEBEAST

These roses were not a gift, they were an apology for what i had seen the night before. Watch the new music video for “altar”: Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Valentine's day (shameful) on my soundcloud.