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Valentine Vinegar Cards. Before they were dubbed vinegar valentines, these sassy cards were known as mocking or comic valentines. You can find vinegar valentines on sources such as etsy and ebay , and of course by shopping your local antique stores like the rare bird !

27 Victorian Era Vinegar Valentines Flashbak
27 Victorian Era Vinegar Valentines Flashbak from

Not all valentine cards once received were a warm welcome of sweet sentiments from your adoring admirer. Filled with bitterly sarcastic illustrations, these vicious, rude and crude. Known as vinegar valentines, these cards carrying caricatures and satirical rhymes intending to vilify, mock and hurt the recipient was available in stores across america and europe alongside beautiful valentine cards adorned with hearts and flowers.

27 Victorian Era Vinegar Valentines Flashbak

Whether received from an embittered ex… The victorians are known for the value they placed on hard work, politeness, respectability and knowing one’s place. Vinegar valentines were printed by stationers, typically on cheap and nasty paper, often with mocking rhymes. Take, for example, a recent cartoon showing an irate recipient of flowers, chocs and a giant valentine’s day card berating her boyfriend because she was on a new diet, allergic to flowers and the card wasn’t produced sustainably.